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How to make "Whatsapp" lifetime or extended

How to make "Whatsapp"  lifetime or extended

Method 1


Android device.

iOS device like iPhone, iPad.( borrow from friends or elsewhere).

whatsapp installed on both the devices.


Delete whatsapp from the android device.

Now download whatsapp on the iOS device (whatsapp should not be pre-installed in it).

Install whatsapp on iOS and verify it with your phone number on which you will receive the confirmation message. (The number should be the one which you will use in your android device).

Check whether whatsapp is working or not. You’ll receive a 10 years of free subscription.

Now remove whatsapp from that iPhone and install it in any device i.e. an android, blackberry or windows etc.

You have whatsapp lifetime subscription on your device too.

Method 2


Android device.

Gmail installed in the android device.

Whatsapp installed in the android device.


Once your trial period is finished, uninstall the whatsapp.

Now go to “Gmail” and create a new Gmail id.

Once you are done with it. Go to “Google play store”.

Click on the “settings” icon given on the right hand corner at the top.

Go to “account settings”.

Change the new Gmail id with the older one.

Download whatsapp once again.

Now open and sign in to whatsapp account.

You will have to apply this method after every year.

Method 3


Android device.

Whatsapp installed in that android device.


Open your whatsapp account.

Go to the “settings”.

Now click on the account stings.

Click on “delete my account.”

It will ask for your phone number.

Give your number there and click on “delete my account”.

You are no longer on whatsapp.

Now create a new account for whatsapp messenger as done previously.

Check the expiry date of the new whatsapp by going to “settings” after which click on “account” and then “payment info”. You’ll see that your whatsapp validity is extended.

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